Are Other Housing Options Pointing You In the Wrong Direction?

It wouldn’t be surprising. Dorms and off-campus student housing are notorious for giving you the bare minimum– and expecting you to be grateful for it. They care more about how many students they can fit into one building than how happy the students in that building are. And more than likely they’ll get away with it, because students don’t really have a better option.

Here’s a Better Option.

See? That was quick. Over at West Quad, we believe in a different sort of student community. Where the place that you live is more than just the place where you sleep. That’s why we’ve packed each apartment with upscale amenities, modern design features and luxury furnishing. That same attention to detail extends to public spaces we’ve specifically designed for the needs of a modern student. From our swimming pool and hot tub to our private study lounges and from our game room to our fitness center, everything you need to work–and play– is right at hand at West Quad.

Want To Learn More?

Of course you do, this place rules. We’re available by phone or that little email window in the right hand corner to answer any question you (or your parents) may have. Look, we all know College is hard– but with West Quad, finding the perfect apartment doesn’t have to be.

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